McKees Half Falls on the Susquehanna River at Chapman Township
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Chapman Township is audited on yearly basis by three elected auditors. These auditors are elected at municipal elections to serve a term of six years. The auditors examine the accounting records and practices of the Township, upon completion of the audit the auditors file copies of their report to the secretary, Clerk of Court, Department of Community and Economic Development and the Department of Transportation. The auditors then publish a financial statement in the newspaper

The board of auditors shall audit, settle and adjust the accounts of all elected or appointed officials of the township and its boards or agencies that received or disbursed funds of or owing to the township during the immediately preceding calendar year.


Sarah Maneval, Auditor
256 Ulsh Road
Port Trevorton, PA 17864
Phone: 570-259-7117
(term expires 12/21)


Charles Forbes, Auditor
1681 Old Trail Road
Liverpool, PA 17045
Phone: 570-374-8205
(term expires 12/21)


Cindy Wilt, Auditor
4114 Hoffer Road
Port Trevorton, PA 17864
Phone:  570-847-9557
(term expires 12/23)